about the videos

Who are the videos for?

The videos are mostly about psychology topics, and they’re for English language learners who are intermediate level and above.

They’re good for practising listening skills, building vocabulary, improving pronunciation and learning about interesting things.

You can watch on the website or on the YouTube Channel, and there are a few techniques that can help you learn English.


Technique 1: Just watch

You can learn just by listening and watching. One method for learning is to listen to English that is just above your level (known as ‘i+1’). If you are an intermediate or upper-intermediate student, the videos will be at that level, and the pictures and text will help you to understand. 

Another way is noticing. You can notice whatever is interesting while listening – grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases etc.  

Technique 2: Listen and read

Reading the audioscript is a good way to help your learning, and there are few ways you can use this.

One of my favourite techniques is listen-read-listen:

  1. Watch the video and enjoy / see how much you understand.
  2. Read the script and think about anything you didn’t understand when watching (was it pronunciation, words you didn’t know etc.)
  3. Watch again, and how see how much you understand / what you notice the second time. 

After Watching

If you want to find out more about the topic, see Sources and Links under the video.

For some of the videos, there will also be an article that I’ve written – often with more details – about the same topic. If so, there will be a link in the sources and links section.

I am considering adding some vocabulary and grammar activities to go with the videos. If / when I do, they will be on the website.

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