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Who is it for?

The website has articles for English language learners who are intermediate level and above.

They’re good if you are preparing for an IELTS exam or want to improve your reading skills and build your vocabulary.

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How to read

Pick an article that sounds interesting, and read.

Look at the word count as shorter articles are generally easier.

If you want some help with vocabulary, click the blue vocabulary help button above the article, and definitions for some of the difficult words will be shown on the right.

NB. The vocabulary help works better on laptops, as the vocabulary section will sit next to the article. 

After Reading

After you have read an article, you can try some IELTS-type questions or find out more. 

Click the green IELTS Questions button under the article, and some questions will be shown on the right. The answers are at the bottom.

If you want to find out more about the topic, see Sources and Links under the article.

And feel free to leave a comment.

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NB. The articles and questions are designed to be a little bit easier than the IELTS reading test. 

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Coming soon

I will post a new article on the 1st of every month.

I am now posting grammar quizzes and IELTS quizzes on the Facebook page, and I will continue to do that regularly.

I hope to add a listening section to the site at some point.


Other Websites

If you want to see other websites for learning English you can go to the links page.

You’ll find useful websites for reading, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and IELTS.

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