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Who is the site for?

The website has articles and videos about psychology and other interesting topics. 

My idea is to make interesting ideas accessible for people learning English. You can improve your English while reading or watching videos about interesting topics. 

The articles and videos are graded (made slightly easier) for intermediate / upper-intermediate level students. 

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Other Websites

If you want to see other websites for learning English you can go to the links page.

You’ll find useful websites for reading, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and IELTS.


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Everything on the website is free, and I plan to keep it all free. There are several easy ways that you can support the site:

– Share it with your friends. Post on social media, tell friends who might also like it.

– Like and subscribe on YouTube. This means that YouTube will show the channel to more people, and, eventually, I will hopefully be able to some money from YouTube.


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