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This is Two-Minute Ideas from Ideas in English.

And this idea is about missing out.

A common fear these days is FOMO. FOMO is quite a new word in English, and it stands for fear of missing out.

It’s the fear that you might not get something you want, that you won’t be able to do all the things you want to do in life, or that good things are happening somewhere else, and you’re missing out.

And FOMO seems to have increased with social media, as people share their best moments, and we can see more of what everyone else is doing, or at least what they’re showing us they’re doing.

But there is an even newer word that’s the opposite of FOMO, and that’s JOMO, which stands for the joy of missing out.

JOMO is feeling happy that you’re not doing all the exciting things, and it’s letting go of the stressful idea that you could or should be doing more.

You can’t do everything, and, as journalist Oliver Burkeman explains, JOMO is a good feeling when you realise that you wouldn’t actually want to.

You have to make choices in life about what to do, and Burkeman says that it’s the fact that you can’t do everything that makes your choices meaningful.

You can choose to do something, or something else, or not do it.

Take care and good luck with the learning.

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