Websites for learning english

Here are some links for other websites and resources for learning English that I think are useful. They are all designed for language learners except for TED and Psychology Today.

To go to a website, just click on the picture or any text that is underlined.

IELTS Websites

This is the official IELTS website with information about the test, including details about the different sections of the test and the band descriptors.

IELTS Liz is a great place to start. The site has lots of information about the test, practice materials and YouTube videos, and it’s easy to use.

IELTS Advantage is popular website that has free lessons, courses and YouTube videos, as well as a (not free) writing feedback service.

IELTS Buddy is another good website with lots of information and lessons. The writing lessons for task 2 are very good. 

Other websites for learning English - Keith

Keith Speaking Academy has tips and information about the speaking test, really good speaking videos on YouTube, and a Facebook group.

Other IELTS websites.

British Council has free practice tests.

IELTS Podcast – get good information while practising your listening skills. 

IELTS Writing Club is a Facebook group where people give each other feedback on writing.

Reading, listening and speaking websites

BBC 6 Minute English is an excellent listening resource. Every week, two people talk about an interesting topic and teach you some new words. Audio script is available, too. 

News in levels has news stories to listen to or read in three different levels of difficulty. Try level 1, then 2, then 3 of the same news story. 

Other websites for learning English - Lyrics

Lyrics Training is a fun site to practise listening. It’s like a game in which you listen to songs and fill in the missing words while you listen.

Other websites for learning English - Lucy

English with Lucy is a popular YouTube Channel. Lucy is a British English teacher who creates short videos about useful language and pronunciation.

Other websites for learning English - TED

Although not designed for people learning English, TED has short talks about really interesting topics, and is a good way to improve your English and learn some interesting stuff.

Other websites for learning English - Psych

Again, not designed for students, but Psychology Today is a good place to get an introduction to interesting ideas in psychology and improve your reading skills.

Grammar and vocabulary websites

BBC and British Council

Both the BBC and The British Council have good websites to help with Grammar and vocabulary.

Here are some for intermediate level learners: 6 Minute Grammar and 6 Minute Vocabulary from the BBC, and grammar lessons and grammar videos from the British Council. 


Here are some  links for good learner dictionaries:

Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary.

Oxford Learner’s Dictionary.

Your Dictionary allows you to see a word in lots of example sentences.

Other Vocabulary Resources

The Academic Word List is the 570 most common words in academic English, so it’s useful for IELTS students to learn.

The Online Collocation Dictionary will help you to understand which words go together.

Thesaurus dot com tells you synonyms of words.

More lists of wesbites and resources for learning English

IELTS Liz has a comprehensive list of resources for IELTS.

TED IELTS has a good list of the best and worst IELTS websites with reviews and ratings.

Feedspot has a good top 40 list of IELTS websites and a list of 50 language learning websites, blogs and podcasts.

One Minute English has a list of 10 free websites, as well as some paid websites and places you can learn with a teacher. 

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